2006 Golf at Myrtle Beach – Legends

This year my Marine Buddy’s and I did a small excursion at the Legends Resort in Myrtle Beach. This was probably the most convenient trip I have gone on with this group to date. Outside of the mole-skin we needed to patch Lloyd’s finger from Wal-Mart we really did not have to leave the resort area. Because it was The Master’s weekend the resort held its annual Golfapalooza festival where vendors and entertainment were on location all weekend. The resort is literally less than 10 minutes from the airport and directions to the place were a snap. The quality of the courses for the price of the package was amazing. For roughly $430 you get 3 nights and 3 rounds of golf, breakfast each morning, one free drink a day and one lunch ticket. The resort has 3 courses on site and the quality is fabulous. If you can dodge the rainy weather it really is a perfect golf get-away. The pool and hot tub area also helped recover from the 36 hole days. I did not do to well in golf (87, 94, 87) but did great in cards!


Lastly, the trip home was less than enjoyable. The plane left Myrtle Beach 45 minutes late and I missed my connecting flight at Dulles and remained on standby for the next flight. Over 6 hours in the airport and no book to read made me break out the laptop and do some coding. Once I got board with that I figured I needed to find a book. I picked up this book and started reading it; so far it is pretty fascinating and according to the book I should be doing pretty well by the time I retire financially- knock on wood. The book is The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J Stanley and William D Danko. I read more than half the book during my remaining time and the roughly hour flight home. I am traveling to Austin tomorrow so I am sure I will finish it. It has some amazing tips and I highly recommend it to just about everyone. If you are in your 50’s or 60’s and do not have a large retirement you may only get upset reading the book. It is really one of those “I should have read this years ago” type books.

The Millionaire Next Door

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