The Address Bar in Lotus Notes for Notes URL’s

A lot of people do not use this feature in Notes and whenever I use it and send them a URL they are mistified that an actual Notes Document, View or database is opened. The URL to your notes “object” is basically the same things as a Document, View or database link you send around in the Notes world. Do these look familiar ->Links?

First, show your Address bar in the Notes client:


Since pretty much everything is addressable in Notes you can now just click the down arrow in the address bar and viola, you get the Notes url for what ever is opened in the client. Like so:


So what does it all mean? Well here is a high level break down for this strange looking URL.

<protocol>://<server>/<database ID><view ID><doc ID>

Ok, now you are really confused. The pattern guy reading this is saying “where is the server?“. Good catch; the server is blank because this URL is a URL to a document in a locally replicated database. A URL to a remote database would have the server name filled in like so:


So now you can send emails or instant messages to people with the URL. It isn’t pretty but it gets the job done!

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