Portal 6 is looking pretty nice!

I don’t want to spill the beans or anything but after using Portal 6 internally for about 3 weeks now I just have to write about it. I think it is day and night compared to Portal 5. Just the basic concept of application templates alone is worth the upgrade. As you know I have been working on the client side portal projection in the Rich Client and having the ability to deploy application templates to a server is a great concept (just look at Domino!). So you ISV’s and third party application creators will have much better tooling to deploy Portal based applications to the Portal AND to the Rich Client. I truly think this is going to revolutionize the Portal world with regards to applications and more specifically Composite Applications. The UI is also a major upgrade from 5.x. It is just as significant as the new Hannover UI for the next version of Notes. Along with the template concepts the Admin UI has had a major overhaul giving you much better control over things like Page Preferences (woo hoo) and application properties.

Just like the Workplace Managed Client 2.6 you are going to be able to do all of that and much more. The applications you are going to be able to create in the next version will have more code shared with the server version with less than half the hassle. Stay tuned…

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