Joel On Software Update and Conclusion

I am in the final pages of a great book. Joel On Software has been a great trip down memory lane and has validated many of the thoughts and disciplines I have adhered to for years. Just about everything in the book is easily agreeable if “you get it”. I am not saying I am one of those rare breeds that only understands things that most do not. What I am saying is some people have a connection with writing software, writing code has been my primary hobby since I was 11 years old so I have had a lot of time to think about it. One of the biggest tips I could give someone is to reach out and do other technologies. I had a rule for the longest time, if I did Windows C++ at work then I did Java for fun at home. The funny thing is, that has now changed to doing Java at work and other programming at home (mostly game programming, check out the neo-engine project). This book truly emphasizes those that reach out and understand many technologies and areas but also mentions mastery of at least one or more. If you can master several languages or “camps” you will without a doubt have an extremely broad perspective and can appreciate a platforms positives and negatives. I loved Joel’s ending stories about Ben and Jerry’s, bloatware and Open Source. What amazes me is this guy wrote this stuff over 5 years ago and it is all very relevant! Once again, get the book and study it.

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