eCommerce sites – It’s time to prepare for the holidays!

Join our webinar to hear how Stephen Culver, CIO Barnes and Noble College Booksellers, and his team prepare for their peak sales period: the start of the college school year. You’ll also hear from IBM Commerce experts about peak season risks, areas that online sellers often overlook and what you can do to be prepared in 2018.

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Inline editing a headless CMS application with Watson Content Hub

Lots of talk about headless CMS or Headless Commerce applications. React and Angular based Node applications that use a back-end content management service for its content. What these applications lack is a line of business user tooling to manage those applications.

So imagine getting the devOps speed of deploying single page applications along with application performance but also benefiting from first class inline editing tools. Check out this video where David Strachan walks you through how this can be done using Watson Content Hub!

Video: Improving conversions with Tealeaf, Watson Assistant, and eCommerce

Chatbots are clearly the big talking points in eCommerce today. Using IBM’s Watson Assistant you can improve your conversion rates. Bring Tealeaf into the picture and you can actually react to struggles in realtime. Royal Cyber uses a combination of Tealeaf and Watson Assistant to help customers during a struggle in realtime.


Watch these two quick demonstrations and see how you can use Watson Assistant in your eCommerce site today!

Introducing the IBM Cloud Private Community on DeveloperWorks

There are many companies not moving to SaaS for various reasons. Maybe you have your own data centers, or maybe you have data requirements that SaaS providers simply can not provide. This doesn’t mean you can’t operate your on premise software as well, if not better, than SaaS solutions. This is exactly what IBM Cloud Private brings to you.

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Watson Commerce v9 Distance Learning course available!

Our friends over at Royal Cyber produced an online learning course for WebSphere Commerce v9!


To facilitate and bring in-house teams onto v9.0 platform, Royal Cyber has put together a 05 Day – Developer Course which also includes Hands-On Labs, easy to follow all important aspects of v9.0 that your team would need to get started. They must also be conversant with the IBM WebSphere Commerce V7 & v8 solution architecture and programming environment. – link

Check out the five day agenda and learn how to develop for WebSphere Commerce v9 today!

Product Management made easy with IBM Digital Commerce

Followers of this blog have long seen me create and narrate many videos. They are raw, to the point, and often have me pausing, umming, and correcting myself. I follow the Watson Customer Engagement channel and today they released and really well thought out video that is under 5 minutes and explains the many areas of managing products in an eCommerce system. The Watson Digital Commerce platform has been ranked a leader for over 15 years by the Gartner and Forrest and when you see how simple it is to manage your products you will understand why. From mass imports, to product attribution (for faceted navigation and site search) to promotions, this video covers it all. Well done!

Shutterstock + IBM – Best in class content for the best in class Marketing platform

Peanut butter and chocolate, Bert and Ernie, and now, Shutterstock and IBM is the next greatest combination. Available now for Watson Content Hub, with IBM’s AI and the top quality content like images, video, and even music tracks, Shutterstock is tightly integrated into the IBM Watson Customer Engagement platform. Take a look at how AI makes finding professional content a breeze right in the IBM applications: