Watson Commerce User Groups comes to you!

Starting May 1st, we will be hosting free user group sessions where you can collaborate with subject matter experts and other clients about Watson Commerce. My colleague and SME, John Beechen, is running our user group program throughout North America from May through August. Click the tile below to see the cities and dates for your location.

Join us for a User Group to meet with other clients using offerings such as Order Management, Omnichannel Commerce and Digital Experience.

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Cognitive Genie by SapientRazorfish

Pretty slick demonstration of SapientRazorfish’s Cognitive Genie hosted on the IBM Watson Commerce starter store Aurora. Check out the short video below or read more about what SapientRazorfish can do with AI here.

Cognitive Genie is a shopping assistant based on Watson Discovery Service that you can speak to with natural language. Some cool things they have taught the Cognitive Genie to do:

  • Suggest products based on passed purchasing history
  • Multiple choice options (product list filtering) in the live chat
  • Control the product display from the Cognitive Genie
  • Return policies support and answers
  • Get order status
  • Emotion and tone analysis with voice input (Speech to Text)
  • Automatic call transfer
  • In store GEO specific offers for when customers visit store locations.

Only 31% report consistently positive omni-channel experiences

According to a Forrester Consulting report. You can also read the new report here: Retailers Are Starting To Reap The Rewards Of Omnichannel Commerce.

And that is why IBM Watson Customer Engagement is leading the way with our first class set of solutions for Omni-Channel.


Watson Studio is changing how companies use AI

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The black box of teaching computers AI is now in the form of an open platform called Watson Studio. From Jupyter notebooks where you can run code that processes your data, then view the results inline, to a visual modeler where you can connect nodes to build a flow to explore your data and train machine learning models, Watson Studio let’s the average person be a teacher to Watson. As described in this article on IT World, “IBM wants to open up the deep learning expertise bottleneck“, this will open up a whole new area for technical practitioners to dive into. While these applications on Watson Studio are pretty simple to get started with, it will take practice and discipline (just like any other technology) to do it right.

The Jupyter Notebook is an open-source web application that allows you to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations and narrative text. –link

As a pet project, I have been playing with Watson Studio; as you may have noticed with my Baseball Card project over on CodeByLarry. Being able to teach Watson about your domain is critical to the future of AI. I am seeing more and more the need for industry or vertical experts needing to be able to take their years of experience and translate it into a format Watson can understand. Watson Studio let’s you do this. No longer will Watson or any other AI platform be a black box. They will be driven by tools for subject matter experts to teach AI systems; some will include a bit of code and others will simply be like using Microsoft Word or Excel.

We may not be entirely there yet but you can see we are getting closer and closer. With tools like Watson Studio you don’t have to be a PhD in AI to learn or get started teaching Watson. If you want to dive into the deep, check out some of the articles on Watson Studio, for instance this is a good starter: Get started with IBM Watson Machine Learning and AI.

At the very least, I see many of the products that incorporate AI into them including “tools” to let companies extend the AI capabilities of the core product. This will allow companies to develop “competitive advantages” over other companies in their industry. Until now, this has always been a question from business leaders – “If I use this system, how will it benefit me over my competition”. Of course the immediate question is you will have it first, but what happens when everyone has it? Tools like Watson Studio are going to be critical for companies to be able to have the competitive advantage in their industry. Their company knowledge and their SME’s will once again be the differentiators for them.


Webinar: Real World Insights Into Upgrading to V9

Are you considering a move to V9 of IBM WebSphere Commerce? The question is, how much effort is really required?  Get answers from the @LiveArea, @IBM and @Rackspace teams on Thursday, April 26 at 2 PM EST/ 1 PM CST with our webinar and demo. Register now!

I will join SMEs from Rackspace and LiveArea for a live chat, “Real World Insights Into Upgrading to V9” for WebSphere Commerce. We’ll talk both benefits & true effort, not theoretically – we’ve done it!


Teaching Watson Baseball Cards Part 2 – Team recognition

In this video I extend my visual recognition models to include more samples and now two teams. Let’s see how the results are with over 100 samples in each class identifier.

Frost & Sullivan declares IBM a leader in customer value within the Integrated Commerce Order Management Space

“IBM Watson Commerce order management brings together capabilities, such as inventory visibility, distributed order management, order promising, delivery service scheduling, and reverse logistics. It collects orders from online, call centers, and stores, and it provides transparency through a single view of inventory and demand across channels and throughout the supply chain,” said Frost & Sullivan Lead Consultant, Integrated Commerce Martin Hoff ter Heide. – link

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